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Ethical Human Recourse Management and Leadership enabling Creative Practices in Start-Up Organizations (HeRMo) -project:


Changes in working life and conflicting expectations and practices have raised the question of ethics into discussion. Ethics is inextricably connected to human resource management (HR or HRM) in organizations, since treatment of people and well-being at work are at the heart of HR. One can therefore characterize HR as continuously ethical action. Attracting, managing and committing creative potential has also become part of the core of HR. More research on ethical HR as a supporter of creative action in start-up organizations is needed in order to support well-being at work, understand context-specific needs and target developmental actions precisely in different workplaces.

The aim of the HeRMo research and development project is to explore what is creative action in start-up organizations in Finland and how do structures and practices of HR support creative action. An ethnographic and mixed-methods research approach is utilized a) qualitatively, by interviewing professionals and observing everyday work and b) quantitatively, by collecting descriptive data with a questionnaire. Ethnographic, narrative and thematic analysis as well as statistical tests will be utilized as analytical methods.

The findings of this project will provide more understanding on HR practices where both flexibility and ethicality are realized and explore how one could best support professionals’ creative action with these practices. The findings can be utilized in organizational and creativity research, as well as in practical developmental work and supporting professionals’ well-being not only in the organizations participating in the project, but also more broadly in working life.